15-Second Spacebar Counter

Use 15 second mode of this spacebar counter tool before accomplishing typing task. It will allow you to use the keyboard like a professional and slightly increase your typing speed.





15 Second Test: Leaderboard

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Rank Username Country HPS
1 Profile YouTube/Thesuperboom    Russian Federation 1999.2
2 Profile WeeLeka    Afghanistan 832
3 Profile YeetusMeFetus     499.8
4 Profile mw    Christmas Island 183.3
5 Profile Manus Kulam     96.8
6 Profile krypxl     81.7
7 Profile SkeletonCyb    Cyprus 64.4
8 Profile Timpoty     64.1
9 Profile KATUS     37.2
10 Profile Seic     29.1
11 Profile Mresfa     18.8
12 Profile #RR     13.4
13 Profile Kenton     13.3
14 Profile BoomMan360     12.5
15 Profile Kemzi E     11.3
16 Profile moany woany    United States minor outlying islands 11.1
17 Profile Oldbones     11.1
18 Profile shalev mogleg    Israel 11.1
19 Profile michael sengchanh    United States 11
20 Profile Benjamin Tampoa     10.4
21 Profile Falpal     10.4
22 Profile Muhammad Maaz     10.1
23 Profile Coop_ ster_ 08     10.1
24 Profile SlicedCookie     10.1
25 Profile ismet    Turkey 9.9
26 Profile Mr trick Shots     9.6
27 Profile Dame tu wieniee    Afghanistan 9.3
28 Profile proclicker     9.3
29 Profile Ray Ganza     9.3
30 Profile soulbob     9.3
31 Profile Kareem     9
32 Profile Kingrich Diking LEE     8.9
33 Profile firdaus anuar     8.6
34 Profile Gerald Hammond    Brazil 8.5
35 Profile Samuel Pinzon Vega     8.3
36 Profile Eemeli P    Finland 7.9
37 Profile ztu936     7.9
38 Profile Nick Gurh     7.7
39 Profile Sonic BabyTails CookieMilkYT     7.4
40 Profile Hello Jhon    United States 7.4
41 Profile ahmed Martinez     7.1
42 Profile SId is the king    Sweden 6.7
43 Profile Corbin Blaylock     6.6
44 Profile John     6.3
45 Profile Jacesin Dickie     6.2
46 Profile Jesse Norris     6.1
47 Profile EZEKIEL DAVIS     6.1
48 Profile     6.1
49 Profile Hamad Yafeai     5.9
50 Profile Nik     5.7

15 second Spacebar Clicker

Welcome to 15- second spacebar test mode. This mode is a little advance from the previous modes. Here the time interval increases slightly, making the game a little challenging.

You don't need to worry. Playing a game in this mode is not difficult, but a trial to improve spacebar speed.

The game might look simple, but as the seconds increase, it becomes more painful for a thumb to keep tapping the space key. Hence your speed might slow down after some seconds. This challenge is more fun as you have to beat yourself in this game.

The person who had overcome beginner level can try this mode to develop. Keep pressing the spacebar until time runs out and try to score higher.

Tips to increase Spacebar speed

Don't be lazy and Practice daily to increase speed. You can spend some time on this tool to prepare. Also, you can play the running games available on this tool and try to score higher. Doing so every day will show you results within 1-2 weeks depends on how long you practice.

You can even turn difficulties into fun by challenging your friends and competing with them. Even you can participate in many TikTok trends and share your score to get motivated.

Professional Tip: Press the spacebar using both hands thumb. To click the spacebar faster, press the key with one finger in the first half interval and then click the space button quickly with the thumb of another hand. Many professional gamers follow this method to boost productivity. Or you can play many jumping games too.