Spacebar 500 Hits in 60 Seconds Challenge

Welcome to this spacebar five hundred hits in sixty seconds mode. This mode involves two different constrain: time limit and score limit. Also, this is the advanced mode used by pro gamers. This spacebar challenge is only for persistent e-sport players.




500 Hits in 60 Seconds Spacebar Counter

Participate in this fantastic challenge if you are confident about your spacebar hits per second speed. Completing this challenge can give you benefit in some real-time games besides fun. Users with extra edge skills can only finish this challenge.

Five hundred hits in sixty seconds may seem difficult, but regular practice and dedication will help you achieve this target. You can use our spacebar clicker to increase your hits per second rate. Do not take this challenge to dominate you if you are a beginner. Naturally finish the task, practice daily, and you will soonly see improvement in results.

We highly recommend our users not settle down with current results. Take daily actions and push your limits. You can also challenge your friends to score more than you. Playing spacebar games in groups will let you find where you stand and how much you need to improve.