Custom Second Spacebar Counter

Now you can choose time by own with this spacebar custom timer mode. You can set a time according to your capacity and start a spacebar test.





What is custom-time spacebar test?

Spacebar clicker test is the best tool you can utilize to check the spacebar clicks rate per second. Here you got many choices to carry a test. This tool offers you several time modes to choose. You can select any as per your preference. The excellent feature of this game is you can customize the time manually. Type time in seconds and start a test.

Why custom time?

The drawback of all modes is that you have to press the spacebar in the given time frame that you select. For example: You visit the 20-second mode option, the tool will calculate your spacebar cps in the given time frame (20-seconds).

When you select custom time, you got an option to set the time of your choice. This option is for those who are confident about their own spacebar tapping speed. Also, people who want to test spacebar clicking speed beside the given mode can use this mode. Type the time and our backend program will track your clicks in that time interval.

You can also participate in many TikTok challenges to prove your skill. This mode will give you the advantage if you are arranging a competition with friends.

Remember to set the timer according to your limit. Exceeding your limit may cause pain.