Spacebar 300 Hits Score Challenge

Check how many seconds you take to complete 300 score spacebar hits and compare your score to gamers. Hitting the spacebar 300 times in 25 seconds is the highest score.




300 Hits in 30 Seconds

Improve your spacebar clicking per second by participating in this three hundred hits score challenge. Play in this amazing spacebar test mode and prove yourself as a real pro. You can complete this challenge and get an extra edge over your competitor in a real-life game.

A newbie can benefit from this three hundred hits score challenge as there is no time constrain to play here. You will be free from the time load hanging over your head and complete this challenge easily. You can take extra time to finish the task if needed. But, we highly recommend you achieve 300 hits within very little time, as this will make your scoreboard looks more attractive.

Never settle with your contemporary results. Always push your limits and try to break your own records. You can also share your results with friends and challenge them to score more than you. Practice several HPS techniques that professional gamers follow to increase their speed.