60-Second Spacebar Counter

60 second mode of spacebar clicking is an advanced mode designed especially for pro gamers. When you enter this space bar clicker mode, you are taking on a challenge to hit the spacebar faster than average.





What is 60-Seconds spacebar test?

Spacebar test is a free online game to test your spacebar keystroke. The fast you hit the spacebar, the more time you save. If you want to increase your space block keystroke, then you are at the right place.

All you need is to spend additional time on practice. This game provides you various modes of application. You can select any according to your choice.

It is the 60-second spacebar test mode. Here you can calculate the number of space key clicks in a 60-Second time frame. The average person's spacebar click count is about 480 in 1 minute. Check if you are faster than average or below.

Try to smash the space key as faster as possible. Don't forget to set the goal and avoid being lazy.

While playing in 60-Second mode, focus on finish your targeted clicks within the first interval. It will give you some extra time to click more on the second interval. Keep yourself away from distractions and concentrate on the game to score more.

If you want to increase your cps, then follow some professional gamers' techniques like butterfly clicking. Even you can play online games to increase efficiency.

The tool offers you a user-friendly interface. It is a more challenging and entertaining game besides testing. You can get the instant result after the test that you can share on social media like TikTok. Sharing your highest record can help you to gain more followers. You can also compete with your colleagues in your free time.