Space Shooter

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  • Use the and keys to move.
  • Use spacebar to fire lasers.

Space Shooter

The main aim of a space shooter game is to save the planet from being attacked by asteroids. You are the savior in a spaceship using which, you have to disintegrate the asteroids by shooting at them. Along with this, you also have to avoid getting hit by the asteroids, or else, the game will be over. You have to attack all the asteroids by moving to the left or right and shoot them using the spacebar. Space Shooter game helps users test and improve their keyboarding skills. This game is inspired by the 1990s top game Space Invaders which gained quite a popularity in those times. Now, destroy the asteroids and save the planet!

Controls of the Game

The game can be controlled using these keys-

  • Left Arrow (<-) Key - Used to move the spaceship to the left.
  • Right Arrow (->) Key - Used to position the spaceship to the right.
  • Spacebar - Used to attack the asteroids.

Benefits of Playing Spacebar Shooter

  • Improves Keyboarding Skill

  • By playing the spacebar shooter game, the users get an idea of using multiple keys simultaneously and also help learn how to control the spacebar to get the perfect shooting speed. This game is a fun way to improve the skills required in higher-level games.

  • Fun and Time Killer

  • Apart from a training game, the space shooter is also a fun time killer that you can play out of the blues and challenge others to compete with you.

  • Challenging

  • The game challenges you to destroy the asteroids for the maximum duration and save the planet. It is a fun way to challenge yourself to push beyond limits.

How to play the Game Effectively

  • Keep Shooting

  • To destroy most asteroids as possible, keep shooting at them continuously while moving to the left or right. This increases your chances of destroying as many asteroids as possible. If you fail to hit the asteroids, you will get hit back by them. So, it is required that you keep shooting at foreign objects.

  • Keep Fingers on the Control Buttons

  • The game requires only three control buttons, which are the spacebar, and the left and right arrow keys. Keep your fingers properly positioned on these control buttons so you have the maximum chance of hitting each and every opponent accurately.

  • Focus on Asteroids

  • The asteroids in the game are all of the different sizes that look fascinating. However, it is not to be forgotten that they are all asteroids and you have to destroy them. Focus on the asteroids and once you find the perfect target spot, hit the spacebar and shoot them. Also, make sure to save yourself from the attack. If the asteroid is very close you then move quickly in a safe direction.