Spacebar 1000 Hits Score Challenge

Play in this 1000 spacebar hits score challenge before entering into a hardcore gaming challenge. It will boost your wrist performance so that you can perform tirelessly in-game competitions.




1000 Hits Score Challenge

Welcome to the amazing thousand hits score challenge. You can complete this challenge with no time bounding. Tap that play button below and start to play.

You may not complete a thousand hits in hundred seconds. But you can probably complete thousand spacebar hits if there is no time constrain. Do not satisfy with contemporary results but try to push your limits. Try to achieve the target within a short time. Starting from scratch will be the best way to practice to complete this looking-impossible milestone.

We recommend you to involve in group gaming activity in order to test your current HPS (Hits per second) rate. You can practice using our Spacebar Counter tool to enhance your skills.