2-Second Spacebar Counter

You can increase your spacebar hits per second score with this 2 second spacebar test. It is a quick mode to warm up your thumbs.





2 Second Test: Leaderboard

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Rank Username Country HPS
1 profile YouTube/Thesuperboom    Russian Federation 1912.5
2 profile ハンナ    Israel 1881.5
3 profile WeeLeka    Afghanistan 828
4 profile YeetusMeFetus     502
5 profile mw    Christmas Island 150
6 profile SkeletonCyb    Cyprus 100.5
7 profile Manus Kulam     91
8 profile krypxl     78
9 profile clipayer     54
10 profile KATUS     37.5
11 profile Seic     30
12 profile Umser Qualquer     21
13 profile Ezekiel Requizo     21
14 profile James Walsh 94 (STUDENT)     19.5
15 profile Patricia     18.5
16 profile BEKHRUZ     17.5
17 profile Falkite     17.5
18 profile Phạm Quang Minh     17
19 profile eggschlatt     16.5
20 profile King     16
21 profile Oldbones     15.5
22 profile SpciyPhoenix     15.5
23 profile YouTube/JustHamSolo     15.5
24 profile EKMI     15.5
25 profile John Doe     15
26 profile ayaan hariff     15
27 profile #RR     15
28 profile BoomMan360     14.5
29 profile Dinie Fahrell     14
30 profile BenimGustavsson     14
31 profile Qw.picxchu     14
32 profile Thricerice     14
33 profile SlicedCookie     13.5
34 profile shalev mogleg    Israel 13.5
35 profile moany woany    United States minor outlying islands 13
36 profile JordisClicks60    Belarus 13
37 profile jayyup    Philippines 12.5
38 profile ינאי גזית     12.5
39 profile michael sengchanh    United States 12.5
40 profile LongDongSilver     12.5
41 profile giovanni giorgio     12.5
42 profile Jason Liu     12.5
43 profile te vendo dinero    Mexico 12.5
44 profile Kareem     12.5
45 profile Jordan Mamoe     12.5
46 profile soulbob     12.5
47 profile Ryan Marshall     12
48 profile Subarcho     12
49 profile Anthony Borruso     12
50 profile mpamphs me to megalo poyli     12

What is 2-second spacebar test?

The spacebar is the most used key on the keyboard. Whether it is gaming or typing, the spacebar never rests. Hence, your spacebar tapping speed must be Fast.

Many Online games have a timer. Within the given time, you have to win the game. Otherwise, you are out. Professional gamers hit the space bar more than average. Using this tool daily, you can achieve the pro gaming level milestone.

The tool is easy to use. Enter the homepage and go to spacebar modes. From there, select the 2-second option for quick practice. Press "click here to start timer" to start the test. Try to hit the spacebar as much as possible. Remember, you have to beat average cps. Hence, practice more by spending more time on this tool.

After the timer pause, you will find your rank. You can also share the results with your friends and challenge them. Even you can participate in TikTok challenges and disclose your speed. The 2-second mode is the level 1 mode and doesn't require special quality to start. The noob with zero spacebar speed can even try this game.

If you want to increase your speed, you can play the games on our tool. Our running and shooting game will help you to improve your speed. For example: Dinosaur runner, Corona runner. Play the game, try to finish the challenges, and score higher.