Feed The Dog

Feed Your Friend - He is Hungry

Click On Start Button To Start The Game

Start Pressing the spacebar key as fast as you can to give the Dog his food

About Feed the Dog Game

The game, Feed the Dog is a new innovative version of the 100 m spacebar test game, where you had to move the dash from one end of the screen to another. In this game, a food tray can be seen on one end of the screen and your pet dog seems to be hungry on the other. You have to move the food tray towards the dog using the spacebar to feed him and make him happy. The faster you click the spacebar, the faster you can move the tray towards him and complete the game.

How to Play the Game?

To play the game, follow the steps below-

  • On your laptop or PC, open the browser.
  • Visit https://spacebartest.org/feed-the-dog
  • Here you can see a hungry dog and a food tray at the extreme ends of the play screen.
  • Click on ‘Start’ to begin the game.
  • Click the spacebar as fast as you can to pass the food to the dog.
  • As the food reaches the dog, the game gets over and the time it takes for you to move the food is displayed.
  • The faster you click, the faster the food reaches and the lower time is shown on the result page.


  • Spacebar - Move the food tray

In this game, you have to move the tray using the spacebar only. This would increase and improve the spacebar skills that you can apply in other games as well.


  • Gaming Version of Spacebar Modes

  • The game is more fun and innovative version of the spacebar challenge. If you have ever played the spacebar challenge game, in which you have to hit the spacebar continuously to gain a high HPS. In this game, you have to hit the spacebar faster to feed the pet sooner. The basic concept of gaining high HPS is the same in both games.

  • Best Time Killer

  • The game is an interesting and fun time killer for those who wish to play and learn together. You can play for fun and increase your spacebar hitting skills at the same time.

  • Addicting Game

  • Though it is a simple game to play, the game is highly addictive and the users might get addicted to it so much that they would not even be aware of the time they have spent playing it. The graphics and concept of the game are super cool and worth playing.