Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is the legendary one-button, side-scrolling game where you tap to fly and avoid obstacles. This challenging indie hit was originally released for mobile devices by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen in 2014, before being removed and skyrocketing to viral fame.

The premise is simple - navigate a flying bird through an endless maze of pipes by tapping the screen or clicking the mouse. But don't let the cute pixelated graphics fool you! Precise timing and quick reflexes are a must in this deceptively difficult obstacle course.

While the controls are effortless to learn, mastering Flappy Bird takes serious skill and persistence. How long can you keep the bird aloft before crashing into the never-ending pipe gauntlet?

The arcade-style gameplay is easy to pick up but insanely hard to put down. Simple but addictive mechanics make this the ultimate "one more try" experience. Just when you think you've got it figured out, Flappy Bird finds new ways to challenge you.

Relive this gaming phenomenon and see if you can beat your high score! The endless flapping, dodging fun of Flappy Bird now awaits on your browser. Tap your way to glory!


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