30-Second Spacebar Counter

Record your spacebar clicking with this 30-second spacebar mode and share your results with friends. Practice daily and break your old HPS record.





30 Second Test: Leaderboard

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Rank Username Country HPS
1 Profile YouTube/Thesuperboom    Russian Federation 2000.1
2 Profile WeeLeka    Afghanistan 832.2
3 Profile YeetusMeFetus     500.3
4 Profile mw    Christmas Island 185
5 Profile krypxl     72.3
6 Profile Vihaan Singh     67.9
7 Profile SkeletonCyb    Cyprus 63.9
8 Profile nicky     44.9
9 Profile JordisClicks60    Belarus 32.3
10 Profile Falkite     16.2
11 Profile Ezekiel Requizo     15
12 Profile Kenton     14.2
13 Profile #RR     12.5
14 Profile BoomMan360     12.3
15 Profile michael sengchanh    United States 10.2
16 Profile shalev mogleg    Israel 9.8
17 Profile kekek4     9.7
18 Profile Abdulahad Nabiev     9.4
19 Profile Lane Huston     9.4
20 Profile moany woany    United States minor outlying islands 9.3
21 Profile Muhammad Maaz     9.1
22 Profile Kemzi E     9
23 Profile virthent    Canada 8.9
24 Profile Idunno     8.7
25 Profile sleepy _ludwig     8.6
26 Profile SlicedCookie     8
27 Profile omaksus     7.9
28 Profile Michael Odea     7.8
29 Profile Hello Jhon    United States 7.8
30 Profile Amy    Brazil 7.8
31 Profile SebepSiz Kral     7.5
32 Profile i'm hacker     7.5
33 Profile soulbob     7.4
35 Profile Gerald Hammond    Brazil 6.8
36 Profile LuckyBoy     6.6
37 Profile EZEKIEL DAVIS     6.3
38 Profile Jado goated     6.2
39 Profile Nour ABOUELSOAD     6.2
40 Profile Voltrixss     5.7
41 Profile legs     5.7
42 Profile David    Afghanistan 5.6
43 Profile Nik     5.6
44 Profile IANZ     5.6
45 Profile Kristen     5.1
46 Profile Philip Watson     5.1
47 Profile Anthony Curry     4.5
48 Profile te vendo dinero    Mexico 4
49 Profile youtube n4zaar     3.8
50 Profile Nick Gurh     2.7

What is 30-Second spacebar test?

If you want to increase spacebar tapping speed, then you are at the right place. This tool allows you to improve the spacebar clicking rate.

By entering the 30-second spacebar test mode, you had accepted the challenge to hit the space key faster than average. Don't worry. You will not get punished if you fail. This mode helps you to develop.

An average person with normal cps can use this mode to become a pro. Playing in 30-Second mode is a little challenging to score higher. You may press the spacebar faster. But as time passes, your finger might get tired and stiff.

Hence, a thumb exercise is essential. Practicing for 30-Seconds daily will enhance wrist flexibility and thus boost speed.

The best solution to increase speed is to practice daily for some time with no gap. Don't be lazy to spend some time playing jumping games like dino run. Online shooting games require hitting the spacebar as much as possible fastly. Even, you can try some techniques followed by professional gamers to boost efficiency.

Try to score higher in the game. This game is free and easy to use. Hence, don't misser playing if you want to click the spacebar faster.