Space Invaders

Move with arrow keys -> <- and fire with the Spacebar. The invaders get faster and drop. more bombs as you complete each level!

Space Invaders The Spacebar Counter Game

Do you love space? No doubt. Everyone does. Space is full of matter like stars, moon, planets, comets, etc. Our space invaders in also full of fun, challenges, and suspense. Once you play the game, you will begin enjoying it. The game is short and easy to play in free time to practice the spacebar test.

What is in the game?

The idea of this game is to save our spaceship and destroy the invaders. There are multiple levels in this game. Once you finish one level, you will move to another. As you level up, you will start to understand that the game is difficult and impossible to pass on the first try. With each level, the invaders get faster and drop more bombs! Hence, you have to be careful.

Controls: Move spaceship with arrow keys. Right arrow (-->) to move right and left arrow key (<--) to move left. Press Spacebar to fire on enemies.

Why should you play space invaders?

  • As game controls depend on the spacebar, you can click it faster than average.
  • You will improve your gaming skills.
  • More challenges will help to develop your concentrate.
  • You can play in your free time to kill boredom.
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