Spacebar 1000 Hits in 100 Seconds Challenge

Welcome, to this spacebar one hundred hits in ten seconds challenge. In contrast to other spacebar challenges on this challenge involves two different constraints: time limit and score limit. So, let’s get started by tapping on the play button.

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Enter this thousand hits in a hundred seconds challenge only if you are a real user. Hit that press button now and start to play. A daring individual can easily crack this challenge. Try yourself and find out how far you are from being a champion of this game.

We please you not to manipulate this mode by using an automatic clicker. Participate genuinely and try to play honestly to improve your HPS. You need an insane amount of dedication in order to crack this tough challenge. Do not indulge in too hard practices from the beginning and take your time. Stay in line with a balanced approach to win in this challenge

The higher performer will get a higher ranking. To score high in this game, you can follow professional practices to increase your hits per second. Also, you can share the scoreboard with your friends and challenge them to break your record.