120-Second Spacebar Counter

It is the most challenging mode of this spacebar counter. In the 120 second mode of a test, you have to maintain speed and time. Basically, this mode is to test your persistency and strength.





What is 120-Seconds spacebar test?

120 Second Spacebar Test is an open-source that allows you to calculate the number of clicks by pressing the spacebar counter in a given time frame. You do not need to register or disclose any personal details to carry the process. Just select the mode and start the test. It is the 120-Second spacebar test mode. It is the longest that lasts for 2 minutes.

This level is the most difficult. Only pro gamers can score higher in this mode. Don't get weak if you can't score higher. Daily practice using this tool will help you to reach there easily. You can also play games like: Dino Runner, Corona Runner, Flappy Bird, Space Invaders in your free time to increase the spacebar clicking rate.

Before playing in this mode, remember to warm up your wrist. Also, do some exercise for fingers to make them more flexible. If not, your fingers may suffer severe pain.

As you have to keep pressing the spacebar for at least 2 minutes in this mode, you must take some serious precautions.

If you are a beginner, start from the easiest (1-second) mode and keep pushing your limits. You can also follow methods that professional games use to increase the click rate.

Features of this 120-Second Spacebar Counter Mode

  • Difficult yet entertaining due to its fun and challenging Peculiarities.
  • Accurate click rate calculator and provide instant results.
  • Focus on improvement (No option of winning. Instead Focuses on scoring higher) and user-friendly layout.
  • You can share results on TikTok.
  • Best in case of performance. Lag-free game for users to play.