Spacebar 500 Hits Score Challenge

Practice with this five hundred hits score challenge and train yourself to focus on the game while hitting the spacebar continuously for a long time. This spacebar mode is best for training purposes.




Spacebar 500 Hits Score Challenge

Play five hundred hits score challenges to determine your skills. Try to score high and showcase your talent before the world. The 500 hits may seem easy, but definitely, it is not an easy task to do. If you believe you can hit the spacebar 500 times in the shortest interval, play by clicking the button below this paragraph.

Do not try to go hard for the first time. Start from scratch and play daily to win in this challenge. Take your time and play as per your natural capacity. A newbie must learn professional gamer's techniques to increase spacebar hits per second. Along with regular practice, also don't forget to take frequent breaks.

The game is just for fun and entertainment purposes besides practice. Hence, do not take this challenge seriously. Play the game with friends and kill your time.