Color Blast

Use the Left and Right Arrows or A and D keys to move, Spacebar to shoot.

About Color Blast

The Color Blast is a game about colorful enemies attacking the main character, that is the player. To win the game, the player has to dodge the colorful bullets while firing them with white ones. There will be enemies attacking from all the top sections and you have to defeat them all single-handedly. However, each time you get hit by an enemy, you will lose a life and after a few seconds, you will respawn. But after four such attacks, the game will be over.

How to Control the Game

  • A - Move to the left.
  • D - Move to the right.
  • Left arrow (<-) - Shift the main character to the left.
  • Right (->) - Shift the main character to the right.
  • Spacebar - Firing at the enemies.

Guide to Score Higher

  • Safety is First

  • The main priority of this game is to save yourself from the dozens of enemies attacking you at once. The enemies will keep shooting continuously which increases the chances of you getting hit. Thus, save yourself first and then attack the enemies to last longer in the game.

  • Keep Firing Blindly

  • Once you see that you are safe from the attacks, attack blindly at the opponents. No matter if any shot is missed, some will still be hit and the enemies will be gone. This will increase the chance of destroying the opponents and scoring maximum points.

  • Focus on Controls

  • To gain the highest score possible, focus on all the controls, move left or right as needed and shoot the opponent to destroy them all.

Features of Color Blast

  • Challenging

  • The Color Blast game is a great choice for hardcore gamers who wish to increase their skills to play difficult-level games. Also, if you have practiced using the spacebar clicker test tool earlier, you can test your progress using this game.

  • Best to Improve Gaming Skills

  • Gaming skills that require multi-tasking by hitting the navigation keys and shooting simultaneously can be improved using this game. If you want to learn something in a fun way, here is the best choice.

  • No Time Limit

  • The game has no time limit and the users can play as many times as they want and reach new high scores and time scores. It will also test the persistency and consistency of the player in the game.