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Spacebar Test

What is 1-second spacebar test?

Do you know? The average person taps the space bar with a speed of 6 cps (Click Per Second ). With our 1-second spacebar mode, you can test how fast you can hit that most use space button per second. This online tool is free and easy to use. While playing the game, make sure to tap the space button as quickly as you can. It will help to improve speed. After completion of the speed test, you can share the results with your colleagues and challenge them. Using the tool is also fun besides just testing.

Why space button speed matter?

We use the space bar key most while operating our Laptops. While typing after each word, we tap that the longest button every second. The fast we type, the more time we save. Also, the keystroke is most crucial in gaming. Playing games like Minecraft or Roblox needs a higher tapping speed if you want to win the competition. Before entering the gaming contest, you can use this tool to warm up your wrist.

Beginners can start with a 1-second mode as it is the easiest mode. After keep pushing your limits. To enter this mode, click on 1-second on the top right of the homepage. Another way is to go to Spacebar Modes on the left-side column and click on 1-second. Carry a test and share on TikTok challenges trend.