About Us

Spacebar test is the online spacebar clicking rate calculator that counts your space key CPS in a given time frame. The purpose behind designing this web tool is to inspire gamers, typewriters, and transcribers to practice more and improve their speed when clicking the space bar. Our Spacebar counter is an open-source tool primarily based on AI technology.

After noticing the spacebar test went madly viral on TikTok, our team initiates working on this excellent tool. Our developers ensure coding error-free website that delivers instant and exact results.

Our dev team understands the value of best performance. Hence, we focus more on creating a user-friendly game that gives a high-end experience to users.

We don't intend to be too serious about space bar cps. The tool is more fun than just test. We have added additional features such as games and various time-based modes to provide choosing flexibility to our users.

It makes our spacebar clicker stand apart from others. We are working continuously to give the best to those who practice clicking using our game. Our support team is working to resolve all your issues. Feel free to contact us.

This spacebar counter also provides you an opportunity to go social. You can participate in many TikTok challenges and share your results. This spacebar clicker also lets you make true friends.

You can challenge your friends and play with them. It will give you an extra edge in your performance. We work continuously to engage you on our spacebar clicker.