Spacebar 300 Hits in 30 Seconds Challenge

Welcome, to this spacebar one hundred hits in ten seconds challenge. In contrast to other spacebar challenges on this challenge involves two different constraints: time limit and score limit. So, let’s get started by tapping on the play button.

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Go through this completely breathtaking challenge and test your spacebar hits per second. Three hundred hits in thirty seconds challenge can help you to figure out your consistency. So, smash that play button below and start the game.

The challenge may seem easy to crack, but the only individual with sheer persistence can complete this challenge. Thirty seconds is less time to complete three hundred hits. Hence, before playing in this mode, be prepared. The idea behind this challenge is to entertain our trustworthy users. You can also play with your friends find out who is a real pro.

We recommend you play with consistency to achieve the target. Regular practice can help you to earn a higher ranking in this challenge. The more you practice, the more you will score. Do not take this challenge too seriously if you are a newbie. It is just a fun practice game.