100-Second Spacebar Counter

Check how fast and longer you can press the spacebar button in this 100 second spacebar test. This test will check your finger's capacity to hit the space key.





100 Second Test: Leaderboard

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Rank Username Country HPS
1 profile Fahad Yousaf    Pakistan 3.40282E+38
2 profile gigab0y    Turkey 506.8
3 profile oscar stirling     502
4 profile AdrianDuErLort     477.5
5 profile Ty Dubay     81.7
6 profile SkeletonCyb    Cyprus 63.1
7 profile krypxl     62.3
8 profile SAM FAST FINGERZ     45.3
9 profile johndoe     41
10 profile lenska     35.6
11 profile zigzala     32
12 profile miles roby     29.9
13 profile Victoria Fredrickson     25.9
14 profile KwiatekMiki    Poland 25.7
15 profile Timpoty     16
16 profile M4rLy    Oman 14.6
17 profile gislaine gregorio Mendes     13.9
18 profile Sid Timmermans     12.9
19 profile mpamphs me to megalo poyli     12.6
20 profile BrunoBrozek     12.4
21 profile Limie     12.2
22 profile #RR     11.5
23 profile BoomMan360     11
24 profile SalaRazor    Canada 11
25 profile Madalin Taborosi     10.8
26 profile JonhandJohn     10
27 profile vivi     9.5
28 profile virthent    Canada 9.4
29 profile Ramon Pickens     9.1
30 profile michael sengchanh    United States 9.1
31 profile shalev mogleg    Israel 9.1
32 profile moany woany    United States minor outlying islands 9
33 profile Sieko     8.6
34 profile Mr trick Shots     8.5
35 profile Eren Türk    Turkey 8.5
36 profile rory     8.2
37 profile kabir     8.2
38 profile Honza Strac     8.2
39 profile YMB     8.1
40 profile Kexsium     7.9
41 profile AllahuAkbar     7.8
42 profile Luc Dergousoff     7.7
43 profile kio_go_crazzy     7.4
44 profile autoclicker 0.1     7.2
45 profile SpaceClicker     7
46 profile CARTER STANIFORTH     6.5
47 profile tone_on_box     6.4
48 profile ravnoor singh Bal     6.4
49 profile jhondoe     6.3
50 profile Romyn Woolley     6.1

What is 100-Seconds spacebar test?

Welcome to 100-Seconds spacebar test mode. You can test your highest space button tapping key here in a time duration of 100 seconds. It is an easy process.

All you need is to select the 100-second mode option from the homepage and merely start the test. After the timer pauses, a popup window will appear with results showing your score and rank.

100-second mode is hard to crack. If you are above average, you must try this mode to score higher. Push your limits and become a distraction-hunter. 100-seconds is too long for the thumb of both hands to keep tapping the spacebar.

Why you need a higher spacebar clicking rate?

We use the spacebar eventually after each word while typing. The more quickly you hit the space key, the more fast you type. Professional transcriptionists must touch type at the rate of speaking speed. Hence, their frequency of hitting the spacebar must be higher. Even Almost all online games use the space button to control their actions. You have to use the space key to shoot opponents. Therefore to win the game, your spacebar speed must be higher than your competitor's.

The butterfly technique is the best method to increase your clicking rate per second. Using either of the thumbs is another way. It is why the spacebar is the biggest key.