Spacebar 100 Hits in 10 Seconds Challenge

Participate in this mode and challenge yourself to hit the spacebar 100 times less than 10 seconds. Record your hits and check how many times you can hit the spacebar in 10 seconds.




100 Hits in 10 Second Challenge

Are you brave enough to accept the challenge and push your limits? Spacebar 100 hits in a 10-second challenge will let you find how far you can hit the spacebar in a given time interval. Smash that play button below and start the game.

We use many spacebar counter tools to practice spacebar HPS. But, Sometimes practice is not enough to get better. Every gamer knows how valuable higher spacebar hits per second are to win the game. You can increase your spacebar counts by participating in the challenges and push your limits.

Playing in 100 hits in 10-second mode is a great start to practice and improve your spacebar click per second rate. Compared to other challenges, this one is a little odd. You have to hit the spacebar 100 times and also take care of time simultaneously. After successfully completing the challenge, a popup window will appear. Your score will be categories into ranking depends on your number of spacebar hits. Hence, try to hit harder and rank higher.