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What Is A Spacebar Clicker?

A Spacebar Clicker is a type of idle clicker game. Even when you're not playing, your progress keeps increasing. In Spacebar Clicker, you rapidly tap the spacebar key to earn points. The more you tap, the more points you get! 

It's a very simple game, but also really addicting. Space bar Clicker is perfect for short bursts of fun whenever you have a few spare minutes.

The Origins of Spacebar Clicker

Spacebar Clicker was created by Bruno Croci for a competition called js13kGames. The challenge was to design a creative game using only a very small file size of 13 kilobytes! Despite being so tiny, Spacebar Clicker is a super fun and addictive game.

Mastering the Spacebar Clicker: Upgrade Path Strategies For High Score

Early Click Rate vs. Long-Term Gain

Early upgrades like Crazy Bird, Millennials, and Zoomers boost your initial click rate for a quick head start. However, these become less useful later on. It's smart to get them first, but don't over-invest. You'll want to transition to upgrades that provide bigger long-term gains.

Multiplier Power

The Keyboard Upgrade is extremely powerful because it multiplies your click value. Strategically placing these multipliers at the right time boosts your score exponentially. Look for opportunities to stack multiple multipliers for massive clicking speed.

The Power of Automation

As you progress, you'll unlock automated clickers like the Angry Influencer and MOBA Gamer. These take over the clicking so you don't have to! Upgrading to even faster auto-clickers like the Homemade Pressing Robot and Laser Machine Gun generates insane amounts of clicks per second. Automation is key for reaching extremely high scores.

The Endgame Grind

The top-tier upgrades like the Nuclear Blast Gun and Alien Tech Key Pressing Machine have mind-boggling clicking speeds. But getting this far takes incredible patience and strategic resource management from the very start. You'll need to carefully choose each upgrade, balancing short-term gains with long-term progress to reach these final godly upgrades.

Experimentation and Optimization

Don't be afraid to experiment with different upgrade paths to find an order that works best for your playstyle. You can also use prestige “reset” to start over with a multiplier bonus and optimize your upgrading more efficiently. With some smart decision-making, you can maximize your clicking potential!

Frequently Asked Question

You can use your mouse to click the spacebar area and earn points.

No worries! Your progress gets saved locally, so your points will still be there when you return.

Yes, Spacebar Clicker is completely free to play with no costs or in-game purchases required.