Stick Merge

Stick Merge

Stick Merge is a fun action and merging game. Your goal is to combine different weapons into more powerful guns. Then use your awesome arsenal to shoot at moving stick figures. Start by upgrading your basic pistol. As you play, you'll discover all kinds of new weapons like shotguns, bazookas, and crazy blasters. Merge two guns together to create an even crazier one with better firepower!

Collect power-ups along the way that make your guns shoot faster, do more damage, or add special effects. Keep merging and upgrading until you've built the ultimate stick-shredding super cannon. Your fully powered-up armory is put to the test in the shooting range. Line up your sights and blast every stickman that moves. Precise aiming is key to getting high scores.

Stick Merge's simple, colorful visuals make for an easy-to-pick-up but hard-to-put-down merging game. How powerful can you get? There's only one way to find out - jump in and start combining.


  • Select/Move Weapons: Click and drag with the left mouse button.
  • Shoot Enemies: Drag and move the mouse cursor.

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