Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Drift Boss is an addictive one-button drifting game. Drive your car around tricky corners and over bumps, drifting as long as you can before falling off the platform! The controls couldn't be simpler - just click to turn right and release to go left. But mastering the precise timing and car handling takes real skill. One wrong move and you'll go tumbling off the edge!

Keep playing and earning rewards to unlock new vehicles with upgraded drifting abilities. Smoother steering and more powerful engines help you survive longer on the treacherous courses. With clean 3D graphics and straightforward gameplay, Drift Boss delivers pure, approachable driving excitement. Pull off insane power slides and chained drifts around every turn. How far can you drift before crashing out?

Earn bonuses just for playing each day, constantly progressing your garage. Simple controls make Drift Boss a perfect casual drifting challenge for players of any age. Are you the ultimate drift master? Fire up your engine and start sliding in Drift Boss right now.


  • Drift Right: Press Left Mouse Button or Space key

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