Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump is a fast-paced running and jumping game set in a colorful 2D geometric world. Race through levels dodging tons of deadly obstacles like spikes, blocks, and pools. Control a simple shape and time your jumps perfectly to avoid crashing. Every tap sends you flying over gaps and under hazards in sync with a thumping soundtrack. One mistimed leap and you'll restart the level.

Use checkpoints wisely - you only get 10 flags to mark your spot before dying. Master the rhythm-based gameplay to survive longer and reach new high scores. With 15 unique stages, jaw-dropping visual effects, and awesome music, Geometry Jump brings Geometry Dash's addictive platforming into a new dimension. Simple controls meet insane difficulty!

Unlock 60 fun character skins as you play. Can you earn the rarest looks by conquering every brutally hard level? Only the most skilled geometric runners will make it to the end.

From the creators of the original Geometry Dash, this spin-off takes the series to wildly colorful new heights. Play Geometry Jump now and begin your frenzied, rhythmic platforming quest.


  • Jump: Space, Up Arrow key, or Left Mouse Button
  • Plant Flag: F
  • Navigate: Mouse

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