Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing is an addictive fishing game where you upgrade your gear to catch bigger and rarer fish! Start with a basic rod and reel, landing small fish to earn money. Then use your earnings to buy better equipment like stronger lines and bigger lures. As you acquire superior gear, you'll be able to fish in deeper waters teeming with larger, more valuable species. But watch out - the bigger fish put up a real fight! Use skill and patience to reel them in.

Simple but satisfying gameplay will have you hooked. Vibrant visuals and realistic fish behaviors immerse you in the angling action. Every catch provides a rewarding challenge as you work toward becoming a master fisherman.

Can you catch the most elusive, massive underwater creatures? There's only one way to find out in Tiny Fishing's vast, fish-filled depths! Developed by BuyHTML5 (also behind hits like Hypersnake and 11-11), this fishing gem delivers an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master experience. Pick up your rod and cast your line into Tiny Fishing today.


  • Throw Line: Click with your mouse
  • Catch Fish: Hold and move the mouse around

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