Flying Car Simulator

Flying Car Simulator

Flying Car Simulator is an awesome 3D driving game where your car can drive on roads or soar through the skies. Made by Blue Axis, this game lets you freely explore a sprawling city by car or take to the air whenever you want. On the ground, cruise the streets and neighborhoods however you like. But with just a button press, your ride sprouts wings and lifts off for some high-flying stunts and aerobatics.

Fly high above the city, weaving through rings and hoops to test your aerial skills. Or dive down between skyscrapers for a real adrenaline rush. Just don't forget to use your nitro boosts for insane speed. Choose from several sleek vehicle designs to fit your style. Whether you prefer a sporty coupe or soccer mom van, they all have the power to leave the roads behind.

With simple controls and the freedom to drive or fly wherever you want, Flying Car Simulator delivers wide-open gameplay excitement. Are you ready to take your wheels to the skies?


  • Drive - WASD keys
  • Fly (or land) - F
  • Brake - Space bar
  • Nitro - Shift

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