Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a wacky side-scrolling ragdoll game. Navigate crazy obstacle courses using hilarious characters without getting torn apart limb by limb. One of the earliest games to use wild physics, Happy Wheels challenges you to guide an awkward ragdoll through level after level of hazards. Use missiles, wheelchairs, or even a lawnmower to reach the exit.

But don't expect an easy ride. Spikes, drops, and swinging objects will send your character flying in hysterical ways. The goofy physics make for nonstop chaos and laughter as you splatter into a twitching, floppy mess. With simple point-and-click controls, Happy Wheels is a blast for players of any skill level. The bizarre premise meets vibrant, goofy animations for unforgettable entertainment.

Released in 2010, this iconic browser game lets you explore endless zany user-created levels too. Will you become a ragdoll master or just keep splattering into a jumbled pile of limbs?

Prepare for physics-based insanity. Play Happy Wheels today and get ready for some of the most hilarious, over-the-top gameplay in your life.


  • Move: Arrow keys
  • Shoot/Jump: Spacebar
  • Secondary Actions: Ctrl or Shift

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