Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an endless arcade game where you dodge traffic, trains, and obstacles. Guide an adorable character across a busy road and river, hopping from log to log to stay alive!

The gameplay is simple but insanely challenging. Using the arrow keys, move your character one tile at a time. But watch out - cars, trucks, and even hungry eagles want to put a premature end to your daring journey. Each successful crossing earns you coins to unlock new playable characters. Collect wacky creatures like a funky chicken, hungry monster, or bat to brave the hazards. The further you advance, the faster the chaos.

With its bright, colorful visuals and quirky humor, Crossy Road delivers endless arcade fun. The addictive "just one more try" gameplay will have you playing for hours to set new high scores.

Created by the Aussie developers at Hipster Whale, the team behind hits like Pac-Man 256, Crossy Road is a must-play for any arcade enthusiast. Hop into the mayhem and see how far you can travel.


  • Move Forward/Sideways: Use Arrow keys
  • Avoid Obstacles: Don’t stand in the way of upcoming cars or other incoming objects

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