Extreme Drift Car

Extreme Drift Car

Extreme Drift is an exciting new drifting game with tons of cars to unlock. Start by driving your first vehicle and drifting around curvy tracks. The longer you can keep your drift going, the more coins you'll earn. Use those coins to buy better, faster cars from an awesome garage. From sleek sports cars to wild police cruisers, you'll find a ride to fit your drifting style. You can even customize your car's rims and exhaust with cool colored designs.

As you drift, your tires will smoke and the turns will get tighter. Maintain control through every heart-pounding corner, using quick reflexes to prevent a spinout. Each new car you unlock handles a bit differently for an extra challenge. With simple driving controls but thrilling, arcade-style gameplay, Extreme Drift lets you pull off awesome drifts and stunts. Vibrant graphics bring the twisting tracks to life in an adrenaline rush of speed.

Are you brave enough to become the ultimate drift king? Play Extreme Drift now and start earning coins to build your ultimate drift machine. Let's see those tires burn!


  • Drive: WASD or Arrow keys
  • Handbrake: Space bar
  • Nitro: Shift
  • Change Camera: C

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