Drift Hunter

Drift Hunter

Drift Hunters is an awesome free 3D drifting game packed with tracks and tuned-up cars. Choose your dream ride, customize it, then speed into 10 unique racing locations.

This game has a slick arcade-racer feel, but you're not stuck on a loop. Instead, you get to freely drift and explore each open environment however you want. Pull off crazy powerslides and rack up points to unlock new rides and upgrades.

The 3D graphics look incredible for a web game, with realistic car models and environments. But Drift Hunters still runs smooth on low-end devices too. Everyone can join the drifting action. With pinpoint steering controls, you'll need to master the art of drifting every hairpin turn and sweeping curve. Dial in your car's settings for the ultimate customized drifting machine.

Are you brave enough to push your car to its limits? Drift Hunters brings high-octane, open-world drifting to your browser. Fire up your engine and start shredding rubber today.


  • Steer Car: WASD or Arrow keys
  • Handbrake: Space
  • Change Camera: C
  • Shift Up Gears: Left Shift
  • Shift Down Gears: Left Ctrl

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