Tunnel is an exciting level-based runner game. You race at super fast speeds through tunnels and along pipes. Watch out for things in your way and avoid crashing into them!

As you zoom ahead, collect shields to protect you from getting hit. But use them carefully - they can save you when you really need it. The levels get harder and harder as you go, with over 1,000 challenging stages. Simple controls let you focus on the fast-paced action. Bright graphics send you zooming through colorful tunnels and environments. One wrong move and you'll crash!

This game is the new follow-up to the hit Rage Quit Racer. Can you beat your best times and make it through all 1,000+ insane levels? Every level puts your quick reflexes to the ultimate test.

From whirling tunnels to twisting pipes, Tunnel game delivers nonstop racing excitement. Challenge your skills and see just how far you can go! Play it now for an endless running challenge.


  • Move Left/Right: Use Left and Right arrow keys or A, D

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