Galaxy Slope

Galaxy Slope

Galaxy Slope is an exhilarating 3D space ball runner set in the cosmos. Control a sphere as it barrels down a winding, hazardous platform amidst the stars. Stay centered and avoid tumbling off the edges into the abyss. In this fast-paced endless runner, you'll need lightning reflexes to navigate the twisting, turning space path. Slick moves are a must as the ball's speed increases the longer you survive.

Simple controls meet heart-pounding gameplay that will push your skills to the limit. One mistimed input and it's game over! The vibrant 3D graphics and atmospheric cosmic backdrops create an immersive, high-stakes experience.

How far can you roll before succumbing to the perils of deep space? Inspired by the original smash-hit Slope, Galaxy Slope ratchets up the sci-fi thrills and white-knuckle tension.

Prepare for an endless balancing act amongst the stars and planets! Play Galaxy Slope today and see if your nerves are strong enough to set universe-shattering high scores.


  • Steer: Use Arrow keys or Left/Right arrows
  • Restart Game: Press Space bar

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